Zenith 3D is the new disc that is made from 3D Evolution technology, has exceeded limits set by old technologies. The diamond grains can now be set in various configurations, equidistant and are perfectly aligned on each layer of the diamondsector within the binder.
Thanks to this new technology, when a diamond layer wears down a new layer with the same aligned grain quantity is equally exposed out of the binder. Equal consumption of Zenith 3D allows the machines upon which the diamond tools are mounted to keep the number of motor revolutions constant and never operates under charge. The tool is constantly sharpened, maintaining maximum stability and eliminates almost all load and vibration excess from the operator, especially in manual applications.
Urban noise pollution (excessive exposure to sounds and noises of high intensity) over time can cause serious problems of various kinds 
(psychological, stress, hearing and various illnesses).
For this reason, it is regulated by specific legislation. As such, we strongly recommend the use of diamond discs that feature Zenith 3D technology and a silent core that drastically reduce noise by absorbing vibration.

Materials type and Quality standard 

  •  Brick 
  •  Concrete 
  •  Reinforced concrete 
  •  Abrasives/Refractory 
  •  Granite/Stone 

Cutting indications

    Dry cut

    Humid cut


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